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Pickups - Hot Historic Mustang®, Duo-sonic®, Musicmaster® Set

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Hot Historic Mustang®, Duo-sonic®, Musicmaster® Set


These cool guitars have many HUGE fans. Folks simply LOVE them! Problem is, they have always seemed to receive less than optimum pickups … anemic and brittle; what a shame! And so, I've done something about it. These pickups will rock your world with huge ballsy bell-like tone and make you fall in love with your Mustang, Duo-sonic, Bronco, or Musicmaster's TONE as much as you love the guitar itself! The tone and output of these pickups is on the hot side of vintage Stratocaster specs, which means they are about 15-20% HOTTER than stock Mustang/Duosonic pickups and have a good bit more bottom end while retaining the chime we love.

Vintage specs include:

• Vintage correct vulcanized fiber work
• Hand charged Alnico V vintage flush mount sand cast polepiece magnets with vintage bevel (inversed)
• 42ga vintage plain enamel copper magnet wire.
• Hand-wound by a master craftsman with a discrete scatter-pattern.
• Vintage correct no-hole covers in white, black, or cream
• Vintage pickup height tension conical springs
• Vintage Nickel Pickup height adjustment screws
• Vintage cloth push-back pre-tinned wireleads
• Available with or without Historic aging treatment.
• Reverse-Wound / Reverse Polarity for hum-cancelling operation with both pickups on.
• With historic wax potting.

Average Resistance & Induction at 70-degrees F:
• Bridge: 7.5 K/3.6 Henrys
• Neck: 6.2 K/2.8 Henrys

(IMPORTANT: Specs change with temperature and many other conditions/variables, especially RESISTANCE.
NEVER use resistance as a firm indicator of a pickups output, tone, or anything else!)
Please allow up to 48-hours for custom pickup production.

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